Quantitative Trading Analyst click to apply 

Ace Capital Management, a startup hedge fund based in New Jersey, is looking for quantitative analysts to work in a highly productive and efficient team. The main responsibility is to apply rigorous statistical analysis to vast quantities of market data and develop trading strategies.


  • Produce provably predictive trading algorithms by analyzing market data and market micro-structure

  • Create analytic tools for market data research

  • Work with core developers to improvement the efficiency of the trading system

  • Research, develop, and test novel order execution to increase trading profitability


  • A strong background in mathematics, statistics, computer science, physics, or related field

  • Solid data analysis and data mining skills, including experience dealing with big data

  • Strong programming skills in C++, Python/R

  • Capable of working independently as well as part of a team

Software Engineer click to apply

Ace Capital Management, a startup hedge fund, is looking an experienced C++ developer to work in a highly productive and efficient team. The developer will work with other developers and traders to identify and solve trading issues. The main responsibility is to design, develop, support, maintain and optimize trading systems, tools, and infrastructure.


  • Working experience of C/C++ in Linux environment

  • Knowledge on Python/Shell scripts

  • Knowledge on Unix/Linux OS, system/processor, performance, and network communication

  • Design and develop optimal solutions from scratch

  • Produce high-performance software


  • A bachelor/master/doctoral degree in computer science

  • 5+ year experience in C/C++

  • Work experience in a fast-paced trading team is a plus

  • Proficient speaking, reading, and writing skills

  • Financial knowledge is a plus 

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